Our New Magnetic Sweeper & Magnetic Hooks

Magnet Hook & Magnetic Sweepers New
Magnet Hook & Magnetic Sweepers at a Great Price

Super powered magnetic sweepers snap up sharp iron objects from important traffic areas. They reduce the possibility of costly flat tires or personal injury and decrease the time needed to clean up scattered ferrous metal materials. Use them to clear walkways, factory aisles, loading docks, parking lots and more.

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For collecting dangerous scrap metal or picking up scattered metal items, our MFSM magnetic sweepers are an excellent value. Although competitively priced, these sweepers are incredibly strong and well-built. Powerful ceramic magnets are encased in a durable aluminum housing. The new Sweeper with Release can easily be cleared of collected debris by simply pulling back on the release handle. They’re easy to operate over most terrain – even in water!

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07219 Carded Magnetic Lips
Price : $2.99

(sturdy one-piece 48″ handle attaches easily.)
Ideal for In-Store Rental Centers!
A: MFSM24R Price : $169.95
24″ Sweeper with Release Handle allows for easy cleaning of collected debris. Picks up 6 lbs. of 8 penny nails -approximately 525 pcs.
B: MFSM12 Price : $59.95
12″ model picks up 3.2 lbs. of 8 penny nails from 2″ height – approx. 290 pcs.
C: MFSM24 Price : $99.95
24″ model picks up 7.5 lbs. of 8 penny nails from 2″ height – approx. 680 pcs.
D: MFSM36 Price : $149.95
36″ model picks up 11.8 lbs. of 8 penny nails from 2″ height – appr

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Neodymium Hooks are powerful magnetic assembly with an attached hook that can list up to 20 lbs. in vertical test. Its range of shop and household uses is nearly unlimited! Use it to hang a shop light from the inside of a car hood or metal beam. Hang tools, keys or kitchen utensils from the back of metal doors, refrigerators, filling cabinets or any ferrous metal surface. Neodymium Hooks also doubles as a craft

magnetic hanger hook

accessory which will quickly and easily hang wreaths or other festive decorations. There’s even a special
liner on the back that keeps it from scratching painted metal surfaces. Neodymium Hooks are ideal for hanging just about anything in the garage, shop, kitchen and office!